We began in the year 2000, during the height of the Y2K phenomenon when companies began to shift their focus onto IT. Many saw the need to have a proper IT setup and our founders took it upon themselves to form a small on customer premise team attending to their daily IT requirements. 15 years on, our team has grown tenfold in both manpower, experience and scalability.




Our core business is scalable IT Managed Services (CWMS). We also supply Internet connectivity and networking capabilities to our customers, be it DSL, Metro E or Microwave  depending on their requirement. We are also well versed in server virtualization, storage management, Windows Server environments and workstation backups.


our strategy


How does Coolweb measure up to the IT outsource giants in the field? What makes us different?  Unlike other companies, our solution deployment involves us providing a customized and familiar service. By this, we mean that we expect our IT technicians to greet you by name and know the ins and outs of your IT infrastructure well enough to for them to maintain it with top efficiency. All this while ensuring our myriad of services remain affordable in the competitive market.